Feby Helps Transition Caterpillars into Butterflies

 The Matriarch Inc. recently held a Female Empowerment Bracelet making session for the young women they are assisting in their “transitioning from caterpillars into butterflies.”


Based out of Washington, DC , The Matriarch Inc. was founded by Tiffanie McNeil who recognized the need in young women of her community for some solid, positive and encouraging interaction and direction from more established women.

The organization provides many workshops, inspirational talks and activities that focus on self-identity, etiquette, communication, sisterhood and more.

The Feby workshop helped these young women  gain a better understanding of their bodies and what a typical woman goes through physically and emotionally with the fluctuating rhythms of her cycle. This can assist her in making wise decisions according to her own needs and desires from an informed vantage point.


The hands-on approach to making a Female Empowerment Bracelet heightens the comprehension for the girls. It is a visual, conceptual and tactile tool that makes learning about the menstrual cycle fun and augments a much needed dialogue.


Do you know a group of impressionable young women? Host a female empowerment party and teach them facts about their cycles that they can use for many years.

Sisterhood is powerful!

Why not host a Female Empowerment Party yourself and have fun while also imparting important information about being a woman?