Precocious Puberty has a Silver Lining

Precocious puberty is a current cataclysm affecting ever increasing numbers of girls. Girls as young as 7 and 8 are growing breasts and beginning their periods.7 and 8. When I was seven years old I still wet my bed and believed in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy. Unfortunately many girls this age now must deal with more mature subject matter due their premature changing bodies and the unwanted attention and responsibility that accompany such a phenomenon.  However, they are legally and morally too young to engage in sexual activities until they are 16.. That gives them more time to learn about their bodies and understand what is happening as it is happening.  Education of these girls is the silver lining.

Our job is to educate our children. I am a feminist but have to admit that women possess a vulnerability not known to men; that of getting pregnant. Ultimately, women alone carry the physical commitment of life. To deny or ignore this is futile and so we must own and manage our vulnerability. Our fertility. Our cycle. Our body.

These girls must come of age with as much self-confidence as possible to  boost their chances of successful survival. Repetitive reinforcement of normal body function encourages a positive body image and even pride. Being a woman is an amazing thing. Our bodies are beautiful, magical, strong and capable of so much wonder and grace.

Along with puberty eduction, the female empowerment bracelet can be given to girls starting menstruation and they potentially have almost a decade to recognize their rhythm and flow. This is a good thing. I imagine these young women starting their sexual lives with a more complete understanding of her  body and its’ capabilities and will be more likely to make smart decisions.

So what are you waiting for? Help the girls in your life become empowered.  They need guidance in the labyrinth of life. The bracelet is an inexpensive, simple but effective guide to the menstrual cycle and with it fertility. The bracelet is visual, tactile and conceptual and has the potential to positively impact many young women.

Posted on April 13, 2013 .