Feby as a Conversation Starter


“What I really appreciate about this bracelet is that it launches a conversation about the female body. My preteen daughter got her period a few months ago and this bracelet helped me make sense of it all to her, without having to talk too much about sex and protection. Just because a young girl menstruates doesn’t mean she’s sexually active.” - Isabelle

“This bracelet was a Godsend to me and my daughter. Her mom passed away years ago and I was dreading the ‘talk’. A coworker told me about this bracelet and I ordered one for my tweenage daughter. Surprisingly the conversation was easier than I expected and I learned things about the female body that I never knew.” - Douglas, single father

“My daughter who is 11 years old has been asking me a ton of questions about the birds and the bees. Call me selfish, but I want her to remain a child for as long as possible and in my books, innocence dies when you learn about sex. I ordered an empowerment bracelet and we discussed the menstrual cycle and that seems to be enough to satisfy her curiosity for now.” - Kayla

Discussing menstruation and the bodily changes a girl goes through at puberty can be difficult.  So many parents are afraid to say too much, or not enough.  We’re getting some encouraging feedback from users that Feby helps introduce this conversation but on a scale that is manageable.  Nowadays with the alarming trend of ‘precocious puberty’ parents are looking for an alternate discussion that provides information on a young woman’s changing body during puberty, with the emphasis on their cycle and not on sex.  Feby is not a form of birth control so that discussion can be postponed until such a time as is necessary.  If girls are getting their periods younger than 10 we can imagine how complicated it can be for a concerned parent to convey appropriate information without getting extremely graphic or discussing issues that they are not emotionally or psychologically ready for? An empowerment bracelet promotes a relevant dialogue on the changes a girl/woman can expect month by month and the onus is on the parent to explore more information when and if they deem their child ready.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead.  Get a Feby and start the conversation.