Period Care Made Easy


The following is a special guest post written by our valued partners at The DivaCup

Feminine hygiene has come a long way in the last hundred years. You no longer need to secure your period protection to a belt with safety pins or ask a pharmacist to pull your preferred brand of sanitary napkins from behind the counter. Today women in need of period care can walk down long colorful aisles, that offer more options and styles than ever before.


Yet, even after many, many improvements, young women are not learning all the facts about period care. Health classes offer the basics; a 101 on puberty, the menstrual cycle and product usage which is all very important to a young women’s understanding of this important time in her life.


In recent years a new chapter of menstrual health and period care is being explored, that of sustainable menstrual care. More and more teachers, medical professionals and parents are discovering the value in teaching young women about cycle charting and all their options, including reusable options like The DivaCup and cloth pads.


Period care can be a “messy” and even scary experience for a young girl. Young women grow up hoping to avoid the dreaded “leak mishap” and often have to try a few options before finding the product and absorbency that works right for them.


The hassles of traditional period care do not need to be a part of your period story. Many young girls are discovering that there is another way to care for your period besides tampons and pads. In fact, this other option, offers longer leak-free protection, is super comfy and better for your health and the environment.


It is estimated that on average a women will use 240 disposable feminine hygiene products each year, which equals close to 10,000 products overall. These disposable options contain harmful chemicals, plastics and dyes that are not only bad for your body, but also have a negative effect on our planet.


Our families and schools have made the switch to reusable bags, water bottles, healthy snacks etc., but, how many of us think about being eco-wise with our periods or that an eco period solution even exists?


For these reasons, The Diva Team wants to introduce you to The DivaCup. 


The DivaCup is a reusable silicone menstrual cup that offers 12 hours of leak-free protection, is easy-to-use and super comfy. It sits low at the base of the vaginal canal and collects, rather than absorbs your flow. The DivaCup can be worn all day at school, for up to 12 hours at a time, overnight, while practicing for dance, swimming, running, you name it!


But, more than this The DivaCup provides great insight about your period. On the side of each DivaCup are flow measure lines, which allow you to measure your flow, and notice changes, month after month, which can be useful information for your doctor and for yourself in terms of cycle charting. Pads and tampons do a poor job of educating women about their cycle and many of them contain harmful ingredients that can irritate the tissue surrounding the vagina as well as disrupt the natural environment of the vaginal canal.


The Diva Team doesn’t just work to draw awareness to sustainable menstrual care, but also menstrual cycle knowledge and cycle charting. Knowing more about your cycle can help you better understand the changes you are experiencing each month as well as help you be better prepared.  Charting tools like mobile appswebsites and the Feby bracelet can help you record the signs and symptoms of your cycle. With the added information (and confidence) gained from using The DivaCup you can be sure that your period is receiving the care it rightfully deserves.


Visit today for information about The DivaCupcycle charting and ways you and your school can help spread the word about sustainable menstrual care!



Bio: Since 2003, Diva International Inc. has been providing girls and women with a better period care experience with our award-winning product, The DivaCup. In addition to our many retail and consumer partners, we work together with educators and health professionals to draw awareness to The DivaCup, cycle charting and sustainable menstrual care. Learn more at