Variations on a Theme; Outside 28 Days


One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from potential customers is  ”What if my cycle isn’t 28 days?”.

This concern is something I have grappled with since the beginning of the bracelet. Yes, the average woman does have a 28-day cycle but obviously not all women are average. Even those lucky women who usually have 28-day cycles can notice a disruption to this pattern due to various reasons.  It is not an exact science by any means, and all women are different to a degree. Ultimately I have decided to offer a static product in the interest of cohesion and integrity.

One of my dad’s favourite lines growing up was when a naked person appeared (either onscreen or in a story or when intruded upon in a tent say) and he would invariably say “It’s just a variation of a theme” and shrug, unimpressed and unnerved.  He would continue with “You’ve seen one naked body; you’ve seen them all.”  His meaning was that we all have breasts, waists, arms, buttocks, legs, genitals etc. The difference is in the size and shape and colour, but the general whole is consistent.

The same can be said for any woman’s menstrual cycle, it is a variation of a theme; the theme being reproduced in the colour symbolism of Feby. First we bleed, then we stop bleeding, then our mucus changes, we change moods and preferences, we ovulate, we change moods and preferences again, then we invariably bleed again.

The Female Empowerment Bracelet was originally conceived as a tool for teaching young women about the menstrual cycle and “what to expect when you’re NOT expecting.” It has evolved into also becoming a reminder for women of all reproductive age.

Young women who are new to menstruation tend to be very erratic in their cycles for the first few years so it seems prudent to stick with the average cycle length when teaching them about it.


The average cycle length is equal to the average lunar month as noted above. (When you average all these different types of lunar months the average is 27.78.)  I’m not going to argue with the moon.

Also, the size of the beads are such that 28 fit perfectly in bracelet form and we have found that one size fits all. Depending on how many beads are added or removed the bracelet could distort in size in such a way that although on an elastic cord, it is simply be too big or small to serve as a bracelet. Also, a forseeable problem is what colour beads would be added or removed? The patent for the bracelet is based on the varying colours in a specific sequence and we have found these to be numerically sound, professionally validated and easily understood.  Altering it could prove to cause more confusion than simply ‘holding’ a few days until the user begins menstruating again (or alternatively, skipping ahead if the user begins menstruating earlier than on day 28).

Please always keep in mind that even those who usually have 28-day cycles can notice a disruption to this pattern due to various reasons, including but not limited to excessive exercising, eating disorders, using narcotics and/or extremely stressful situations.

We do sell string-your-own kits and if you wish to add a bead or two simply state in the comment field the number and colour you wish to add.

This bracelet isn’t about instant gratification. It’s quite the opposite, it’s about having a serious, healthy and committed long-term relationship with yourself; your body and cycle. The idea is that you become more aware and actively engaged  with your cycle. It is yours after all, and if you know what is happening you will have power, acceptance and esteem for your body and thus you will be better equipped to make decisions and act in your best interest. That, lovely people, is what they call empowerment.

Posted on January 3, 2014 .