Sisterhood is Powerful!

This post was originally published as a guest post for Aunt Ruby, a subscription-based company out of Chicago for menstrual care. " AuntRuby" has since closed up shop and now focuses on her bliss - photographing animals. 

Sisterhood is Powerful! is a popular feminist catchphrase. Itʼs a statement, a proclamation, a manifesto, a call to arms, and I love it because itʼs full of hope and possibility and strength. Itʼs saying “Imagine what we could do if we joined together instead of alienating one another?”

Sisterhood is Powerful! Itʼs an invitation to fight the good fight, by which I mean instead of a strong opposition we cultivate an impenetrable defense. Itʼs not bout hurting others but rather by helping, supporting, standing beside, encouraging, and challenging each other to stretch and further our reach and power,

Sisterhood is Powerful! plays on strength in numbers. No man is an island and no woman is a sisterhood; we need each other to exist and grow and thrive.

There are many types of sisterhoods in life. First, there is the traditional embodiment of a sibling. For those fortunate to have a sister, you know the intrinsic value of their company, opinions, guidance and wardrobe. Then there is the sisterhoods we forge ourselves with friends, those women who have our back (and whose back we have) and strive alongside us to be the best women we can possibly be and help us make sense and find our way in this crazy world. Subsequently in college there comes sororities and feminist groups, powerful manifestations of our need to collectively harness and utilize our voices and ideas and our power for the greater good. But sisterhood doesnʼt end there as I have happily discovered. I have been fortunate as a new female entrepreneur to join many groups of like-minded women in my city to gather, share ideas and network. These workshops have provided me with priceless opportunities and associations and boosted my desire to make a positive difference alongside my confidence and have confirmed to me that Sisterhood is Powerful!

Aunt Rubyʼs small business sisterhood is yet another demonstration of the potential of all involved to extend their reach and collectively exist to assist women. I want every woman entering womanhood to have a very clear idea of what is happening in her body at any given time in the cycle through the Female Empowerment Bracelet. Aunt Ruby wishes to ensure that her customers are always ready for that time of the month and she often includes treats that uplift and lighten the burden of being a woman. She includes words of wisdom in the form of hormonal horoscopes in every box and she includes some wonderful sweet treats, intimate grooming products, intoxicating elixirs for our bath, lovely teas and/or a portable pocket for gals who canʼt indulge their relaxation impulse and must go out and about.

Sisterhood is Powerful! applies to these women owned and operated businesses whose primary customers are women and whose primary mission is to help women live happier, more meaningful lives. We all would like to spend our days doing something weʼre passionate about and these sisters do just that and their passion comes from a place of empathy and inspiration and they provide helpful, empowering and loving services and products. These women have opted out of working for “the man” and instead taken it upon themselves to forge new and risky paths with the goal of becoming profitable and productive while providing quality products and services to enrich the lives of their customers. Why would any woman go to some big box store when they could support these small businesses and help realize that Sisterhood is Powerful!?



Posted on April 2, 2013 .