A Month in Menstruation Imagination


Here we are at the end of March and Women's History month. A lot has happened across this mostly lovely planet during this month but I would like to take a few moments to highlight what has occurred in the past 28 days in regards to ideas, products and movements in relation to menstruation. 

  • According to the Government of the United Kingdom the money collected by taxing tampons and other feminine sanitary products will be used to benefit needy women and girls. While it would be optimal if the UK could rid itself altogether of the tax on such necessities as tampons and pads like other commonwealth countries have (yay Canada!), the fact that these monies are being used where the most vulnerable and excluded women are the beneficiaries is a positive step. The monies, of which there is more than 15 million pounds yearly, will be distributed between charities where period poverty, rape, domestic abuse and mental health are the focus.


  • Fitbit announced it is releasing "Female Health Tracking" on their smart watch and health app so that women can "connect the dots between whats going on in your cycle and what's going on in your life." Expect these sometime this spring. 


  • There is now a menstrual cup that was designed so that the wearer can enjoy mess free intercourse while on their period due to the fact that the cup sits just below the cervix when inserted correctly. This forward thinking Swedish brand Intimina also has other interesting products such as the Kegel Exerciser and pelvic muscle exercise balls. 
  • The young artist Ariella Elovic from Brooklyn has been making headlines with her depictions of women of history on their periods.  I'm honestly not sure what I feel/think about these pictures. They do make me a little uncomfortable but I reckon that is part of their purpose alongside smashing the shame of menstruation. Many websites have highlighted these illustrations with the hashtag #mightymenstruation 

I would be most interested to hear your thoughts on this artistic expression. 

All in all it has been a remarkably positive month for menstruation and smashing the stigma surrounding it.

Did I miss anything? Please comment below if you know of any new ideas, groups, products or trends regarding menstruation.

For those of you who celebrate, I wish you all a happy Easter. For everyone, may March go out like a lamb and April arrive with warmth and sunshine - either outside or within your own heart. 

Dare to be Yourself!


There is no need for you to imitate anybody else; they already exist. Do you want to be just like your colleague? If the universe wanted two identical colleagues, then there would be two of you.  Every snowflake is different. Creation is not duplication.

Instead of copying an existing model, you were created as whole new YOU! You are not a clone or a copy of anybody else. Embrace and celebrate your uniqueness. 

Don't imitate others. Observe them, learn from them, but don't try to be just like them. Learn their skills but then implement them in your own life and move forward on your own road. Because you are walking your own road, you cannot follow the footsteps of somebody else, nor can someone else walk your road for you. They have their road, you have yours.

Given the undisputed fact that we are all different, why would you try to be like somebody else? Why change your looks or your body with plastic surgery? Why not be happy with the way you are? I'm not just talking about appearance, but also about talents. Character. Ideas. Everybody is unique. While longing for talents you don't have, you are neglecting those talents that you do have. This is rather counter-productive, no? You have been gifted with a unique set of talents, so find out what they are and develop them.

There is no coincidence. Everything in the universe exists for a reason. You are not talented by accident! Neither is it haphazard that you don't have some talents you would like to have.
If you don't have a nightingale voice, you were not meant to sing. You can do something else with your life according to the talents you do have, and leave the singing to someone who is naturally equipped for that. If you have no acting talents, you should not act. If you are afraid of heights, you'd better start dreaming about something else than being a trapeze artist or learn to get over your fear. . 

Another undisputed fact is that everybody is gifted with his or her own unique talents. Make no mistake! Talents are not only about activities like singing, acting, dancing, painting, writing or excellence in sports. Your unique talent could be your spontaneity, your enthusiasm, your connection with animals, caring for the disabled, your generosity, being a good teacher or public speaker, being a loving community member, or being a good problem solver. It could be your capacity to love, your natural joy, your brilliance, intelligence, easily assimilating new languages, radiating beauty, having a funny way of expressing yourself, making others laugh, kindness, tenderness, and many more. The list of possible talents is very, very long indeed.

What matters in the end is for you to be yourself, right? To be yourself is to find out what your unique talents are. Unique, you say? Others are spontaneous too! Plenty of people are generous or friendly. True, but your uniqueness lays in the combination of your key talents. Find out what your prominent talents are and how you can put them together. In the synergy and alignment of your key talents lies the beauty of your uniqueness.

It would be a big waste of time trying to be someone else. You are at your best being yourself! The world needs you as you are, exactly as you are! Dare to be yourself. The more you dare to be yourself, the more freedom you will feel. The more freedom you feel, the more you will dare. Daring and freedom support each other to re-create your unique self in an ever expanding celebration of life. Your life.


Posted on March 13, 2018 .