Black Friday Sale!


It's that time of year again - Thanksgiving for our American friends, followed immediately by Black Friday and then Cyber Monday.

In keeping with tradition, I am pleased to offer our best sale price ever - 50% off all new orders starting NOW. Simply use the code BFS2017 at check out to apply the discount.

This sale ends Monday at midnight so don't delay or you'll miss this great opportunity to provide young women with a fun and wonderful way to learn about and track their menstrual cycles. 

A Female Empowerment Bracelet makes an awesome stocking stuffer and is available in three languages - English, French and Spanish. Our Welcome to the Sisterhood card and bracelet is a terrific way to help a girl transition from girlhood to womanhood. The Female Empowerment Party Pack is an entertaining and educating idea for a slumber or birthday party or classroom for a gaggle of teenage girls. 

Happy shopping (and saving) beautiful people. :)



Lady Bird the Best Movie of 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.56.42 AM.png

The recently released movie 'Lady Bird' is a delightful coming-of-age movie that I can't recommend highly enough. I actually saw it during the Toronto International Film Festival at the end of the summer with my entire family; my husband, two grown daughters (19 & 24) and my 21-year-old son - and we all adored it, which is really saying something.  

It is a refreshing tale of a strong-willed, though slightly confused and sometimes misguided  young woman played with startling depth and compassion by Saoirse Ronan.

Question - isn't every teenager confused and misguided? Isn't that why coming-of-age tales are verdant terrain for literature and movies? For this reason, we can empathize and relate and generally wish for a positive outcome as we were all once in that difficult stage between childhood and adulthood.

Lady Bird* is the name that the main character has given herself for no explicable reason except her given name of Christine McPherson seems too normal and lame to embody her wild and willful persona. 

Greta Gerwig wrote the screenplay and this is her first foray into directing a feature film. Previously she has written and produced Mistress America and acted in Maggie's Plan and 20th Century Women among others. She should be immensely proud and consider this charming picture a total triumph. I'm not the only one who thinks so. The movie has scored 100% from RottenTomatoes critics and 91% from audience members. 

The setting is Sacramento, California circa 2002 and main plot points revolve around Lady Bird's relationships; with her friends and family but mostly with herself, as she struggles to complete her last year of high school and create a future for herself that excites her. 

Lady Bird and her mother (as played by Laurie Metcalfe) have a fractious relationship.

Lady Bird and her mother (as played by Laurie Metcalfe) have a fractious relationship.

The movie opened this past weekend in limited release and will roll out in more theatres  over the next little while. According to Jezebel, it broke box office records and that fills my heart with hope that maybe Hollywood is finally realizing that female centric movies, and those made by women, are not only good for the soul but also good for business as they appeal to so many of us eager for some portrayals of women as fully rounded and capable humans.  

We are not powerless and oftentimes our power lies in our wallet.  I encourage you to spend your precious time and money on this sweet movie experience. If you like movies and stories that are heavy on character and truth and humour, I can confidently say you will enjoy this little gem. 

*Have you ever given yourself a different name? If you have, what is it, and if you haven't but did, what would it be? Mine is groovymamma. 

Bonjour Les Amies

                                           If not you, who? If not now, when? 

                                           If not you, who? If not now, when? 

I am delighted to announce that we now have the Female Empowerment Bracelet available with a French informational pamphlet. To order, simply select "French" from the available versions. 

Our website has always had a quick Google translate option that will efficiently convert the web text into over 100 languages. Simply click on the tab just below the header on any page and select the desired language. (Please note - images with text will unfortunately NOT be translated.) 

As a Canadian, whose country is bilingual French and English, I am sorry if this took longer than expected but now and forevermore we will have the French option.


I have long said that the pronunciation of Feby itself is bilingual. I am not persnickety in the slightest how you say it. I have always pronounced it so it rhymes with Debbie ( fɛbiː ), as in Debbie Reynolds; actress, keeper of Hollywood memorabilia and mother of Carrie Fisher, and L'il Debbie cakes, mostly because I was with my dear, late friend Debbie when the idea of this bracelet first popped up in my head many moons ago. 

But many people along this journey have spontaneously pronounced it so it rhymes with Phoebe ( ˈfiːbi ) as in the eccentric and endearing character on the television show Friends and Phoebe Cates of Fast Times at Ridgemount High reknown. 

Which ever one you choose is okay by me. Both are right, neither is wrong. 

Moving forward, if any of you lovely people believe, as I do,  that the Female Empowerment Bracelet would be helpful to girls of another language, please contact me at and we can discuss translation services. I would be more than happy and will do whatever I can to see Feby get into as many hands as possible as I am positive it enlightens and enriches the female experience. 

3 copy.jpg

As a little aside that you may appreciate, I like to play music based on what it is I am doing, or have the intention of doing. I don't always play music, but when I do, I make it relevant. 

As I was transferring the translated information pamphlet into my InDesign file (a difficult task that had me talking to myself and the computer, a lot, and shaking my head in frustration) I was listening to this delightful playlist. Perhaps you too are in a French state of mind? 

Au revoir et passe une belle journée.


Posted on September 28, 2017 .